Prism Health Labs, under the directorship of Dr. M.S. Kapadia, represents a family run medical business that has served the Chicago community for over 30 years. Prism Medical Center was founded on Devon Ave. in 1988 with the primary intention to provide high quality care to the local community. We have comprehensively expanded our services since that time to include holistic primary medical care as well as comprehensive immigration medical exams. Dr. Kapadia’s unique position as a USCIS Civil Surgeon for the Department of Homeland Security provides him unparalleled experience in screening and treating infectious diseases in an outpatient setting.

Prism Health Lab represents a new venture rooted in our passion for service to the community. Using our unique expertise, we hope to assist in the fight against this pandemic and care for the community as we have done for the last three decades. We hope you will trust us with your health and well-being once again as we traverse these difficult and uncertain times together.


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